Whitespace Beer

We’re embarking on our biggest adventure yet, as we ready ourselves to launch our very first satellite in the winter of 2016/2017. And to celebrate, we’re launching Whitespace the beer. We come in peace – and with beer.

Space + weissbeer = Whitespace

Discover the vastness of wheat in this Reaktor beer 2016 summer edition. Reaktor Whitespace is an out-of-this-world hoppy wheat ale for those moments when you, too, want to space out. Grab a bottle, settle down and you might just feel a hint of weightlessness.

Whitespace is a limited edition beer available in the beginning of August at Citymarkets within Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Pori and Jyväskylä regions.

Whitespace beer

33 cl - alc. 4.6% vol

Serving temperature: 5-7 °C

Manufacturer: Monkey Monk (Belgium)


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Our team of 400 professionals consists of developers, software architects, service-, interaction- and concept designers, art directors, content specialists, and coaches.

We’re based in Helsinki, New York and Tokyo – and soon in low earth orbit.

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